I am a Galway-based photographer. My work covers portrait, street and travel photography.

I am absolutely passionate about photographing people and interacting with different characters. I am looking for people emotions that describe their unique personality. The essence of a good portrait is as it should tell the story of a photographed person. This is a definition of my style which is a combination of a true picture encased in minimalist form. I always feel excited having a chance of capturing the authentic moments I face on my way.

When I travel, I am looking for an opportunity to meet various people from different countries. It helps me to understand how different their cultures and lives are. I was always seeking a mutual trust to build a personal connection what was essential thing for me. I got in return a chance to make the honest photographs which people know they are true moments and fall deep into their memories.


  • “Photo of the Week” by National Geographic Poland
  • Showcased by Fujifilm Poland
  • Published in Practical Photography UK Magazine
  • Finalist of the In-Frame Nikon Competition UK